Born in the heart of the Portuguese textile industry, we know it like no other. This know-how and close proximity with producers play to our advantage, allowing us to produce the majority of our pieces on-demand and with the maximum care and attention to detail.

This way, no stitch is made in a rush, no sizes or colourways go out of stock, no piece is left hanging in our shelves.



Limited editions embedded in meaning.

Seasons change and so does our mood and taste. As fashion enthusiasts, we realize the need for freshness, surprise, renovation, …

Keeping timeless design and durability at core, along the year we let our creative minds run free to bring you ephemeral collections that materialize our thoughts and carry with them deep and meaningful messages.



We believe in slow production processes for longer product lifecycles.

Each item is made upon request, which minimizes waste and maximises its durability.

SEASONAL COLLECTIONS are launched in SMALL DROPS, and available to PRE-ORDER within a limited timeframe of three weeks. 

During this period, since we can produce in quantity without running the risk of excessive inventory, we are able to reduce the final price by 30%, compared to original PVP.

Afterwards, we start producing the first batch of orders, and the price goes back up - while garments remain available to be produced on-demand until the end of the season.